'Walking through the Valley's of Wales'

By Freddie Ardley Photography

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It’s always the men who are most critical of me doing my buzzcut myself

Relax, guys.  Hair grows back & soon you have to do it all over again.  I can do yours too & you can pay me in pretzels.  Really, what am I going to do, take your barber’s job?


Portrait of a Man in Armour with Red Scarf, Anthony van Dyck, 1625-27

BILL BRANDT (1904-1983): Early Morning on the Thames, London, 1939 

Yes! Today I will conquer this load of work before me & move forward with my life! Just a little LOTR before I get sta…

*6 hours later*

Oh dear Lord what have I done? O.o

A Nymph in the Forest by Charles Amable Lenoir.

I sometimes strongly believe that I’ve wasted my life.  Then I remember that I have a story about that time in Cartagena or San Juan or Port of Spain or any of a dozen other cities & that it’s this same road I’m on that led me to all those magical experiences.


George Krause


Bent Objects by Terry Border

Ain’t it cool?

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Portrait of a Nobleman or Royal Figure - possibly Muhammad Shah Qajar.
possibly by Abu’l Hasan Ghaffari, Sani’ al-Mulk, active, 1814-1866 - ink and opaque watercolor on ivory or shell